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2306, 2020

Covered California Extends Enrollment Deadline

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California extends enrollment deadline to give consumers more time to sign up. Covered California announced on Tuesday, June 23, that it would be giving consumers more time to sign up for health care coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic by extending the current special enrollment deadline through the end of July. [...]

1303, 2020

Efforts to Mitigate the Coronavirus

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MCH urges patients to call ahead to the Emergency Hotline to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. As you probably know, a respiratory illness called COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Because our top priority is the safety of our patients, families, healthcare workers, and staff, [...]

2008, 2019

Donations Fund New UV System

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MCH Implements UV Technology in the Fight Against Infection-Causing Pathogens MCH is excited to announce that it has just purchased a Clorox Healthcare™ Optimum-UV Enlight™ System which uses UV light to kill microorganisms by inactivating their DNA, rendering them harmless and unable to replicate. This purchase was made possible [...]

1203, 2019

Complete Pulmonary Testing at MCH

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Complete Pulmonary Testing at MCH Do you have shortness of breath? Asthma? MCH has a new, state-of-the-art, Pulmonary Function Testing machine to determine lung function, air flow limitation and diffusing capacity of the lungs. Kevin Horan, Respiratory Therapist, spoke with Mary-Justine Lanyon about the machine's capabilities in the Feb. [...]

2401, 2019

Former Auxiliary member makes $42,700 Donation!

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Former Auxiliary member makes $42,700 Donation! MCH Foundation announces a gift of $42,700 from the estate of Pamela Huss, a former resident of Lake Arrowhead and MCH Auxiliary member. Pam passed away on February 12, 2018. Pam was born on May 31, 1937 to Marshall Pratt Phillips and Louise Jones [...]

301, 2019

Skilled Nursing Facility Receives 5-Star Rating

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Please join us in congratulating the Skilled Nursing team on their 5-star rating! There are only 2 nursing homes in a 25 mile radius of Lake Arrowhead with 5 star ratings in all 4 categories from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and MCH's Skilled Nursing Facility [...]

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