Our annual donor recognition club

Mountains Community Hospital Foundation’s Summit Circle is a special giving club that honors our most generous donors – those who pledge a total annual gift of $500 or more. Summit Circle members care deeply about having high quality, lifesaving healthcare in our mountain community and their support makes this a reality. Summit Circle donations help:

  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment so MCH can provide the best care for you and your loved ones

  • Fund new services that improve the health and wellness of our community

  • Ensure MCH can meet the needs of our community by funding renovation and expansion needs

To donate online, please use the button below. You can also send a check to MCHF, P.O. Box 1493, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352. Please do not hesitate to call (909) 436-3210 with any questions.


Summit Circle Levels & Benefits

In appreciation of your generosity, MCH Foundation extends certain benefits, including:

  • Invitation to the annual Summit Circle Appreciation Event

  • A Summit Circle lapel pin

  • Prominent donor name recognition on the major donor wall in the Hospital’s main hallway under member level

  • Exclusive MCH and Foundation news and updates

  • Invitations to ribbon cuttings and other special events

The annual giving levels are as follows:

Emerald – $500

Ruby   – $1,000

Silver  – $2,000

Gold    – $5,000

Diamond – $10,000

Summit Circle 2020 Members

Diamond Level
Bloye, David & Chris
Good, John, III
Matranga, Kent & Lisa
Wittler, Elsbeth
Wolpe, Carolyn

Gold Level

Brown, Dennis & Joan
Bryant, David
Callaci, Charles & Peggy
Dialynas, Chris & Sheri
Mountain Country Realty, Inc.
Pittson, Glenn & Nancy
Reisman, Ed & Midge
Ruch, Dinah
Uptown Escrow Services, Inc.

Silver Level
Camarella, Ken & Nancy
Harrison, Charles
Herson, Jack & Roberta
Malone, Robert & Nancy
McCurdy, Mason & Gail
Medak, George & Jeri
Mountain Jewish Community
Robinson, Barry & Cheryl

Ruby Level
All American Dock Pros
Beeman’s Pharmacy
Blank, Carl & Trudie
Bell, Russell & Glenys
Bloom, David & Cheri
Coppersmith, Lew & JoAnne
Doutt, Ron & Barbara
Farjami, Farhad & Susanne
Goodwin, Glenn & Tilda
Gran, Blair
Grossman, Felix & Beverly
Hoy, Barry & Jeanne

Lake Arrowhead Country Club
Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation
Lamers, Michael
Larsen, Drs. Don & Linda
Marks, Norton & Leslie
McClay, Tom
Naylor, Greg & Marlena
Newman, Richard & Chris
O’Keefe, Tony & Linda
Olson, Lindsay
Shannon, Forest
Sharrow, Gary & Amy
Siggins, Peter & Veronique

Simmons, Phil & Linda
Swenson, Susan
Syage, Jack & Liz
Tien, Spencer
Venturini, Peter & Jeannie
Walker, Larry & Kim
Walters, Dee Dee
Weil, James & Ellen
Wolen, Alan & Gloria
Wright, Patty
Yeager, Michael
Young, Mark & Grania Murray

Emerald Level
Atwood, Julie
Bachman, Tom & Mary Kay
Bales, Paul & Meagan Miller
Bruhjell, Gregg & Dale
Cerecedes, Steve & Gina
Chatfield-Taylor, Richard & Alice
Chlavin, Steven
Cibelli, Ludwig & Cherilyn
Clifford, Gary & Linda
Coastabile, Dominic & Jeannette
Davis, Pat & Alan Smith
Day, Art & Marianne
Deniz, David & Dianna
Duer, Gary & Chris
Dunn, Chris & Ginny
Fastnow, Jeffrey & Sandi
Feingold, Alan
Four Seasons Nursery
Fujii, Steve & Ronalyn Walker
Gambito, Erlinda
Gladwell, Bob & Diane
Godshalk, Rob & Karen
Griffitts, Sharon
Griley, Rebecca
Hamilton, James

Hamilton, Janet
Hernandez, Carmen
James, Jean
Jenkins, Dick & Merle
Johnson, Ernest & Carolyn
Keane, Glenn & Linda
Knight, Don & Carol
Knowlton, Deborah
Latham, Chris
Lawton, Richard & Mahlon
Ledesma, Arthur
Longo, Sam & Darla
Lovejoy, Pat & Georgann
Marshall, J. Howard & Ilene
Mayrose, William
McGuire, Jim & Kim
McLaughlin, John
Morger, Janice
Morgon, Greg & Gloria
Mueller, Mike & Margaret
Pacal, Rudy & Carol
Parker, Everett & Christine
Parrish, Marylou
Pena, Michael & Terry
Rados, Stephen & Stephanie

Rains, Patrick & Jo Bonita
Rim Forest Lumber Company
Roughton, Dave & Patricia
Russell, Craig & Ellie
Schneider, Randy & Christi
Shareef, Tasheen
Smart, Barry & Susan
Smith, Malcolm & Mary
Stearns, Richard & Elizabeth
Stuart, David & Susie
The Wilder Foundation
The William & Virginia Hayden Foundation
Tucker, George & Ann
Twin Peaks Auto Service
Underwood, David & Mary
Upton & Dennis & Linda
Voya Services Company
Waggener, Yvonne
Wallace, Lyle & Noreen
Wilcox, Barbara
Wilson, David & Holly
Wilson, Lynne
Withers, John & Katie