We love our donors!

Mountains Community Hospital Foundation’s Summit Circle is a special designation for those who make a total annual gift of $750 or more. Summit Circle members care deeply about having high quality, lifesaving healthcare in our mountain community and their support makes this a reality. Summit Circle donations help:

  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment so MCH can provide the best care for you and your loved ones
  • Fund new services that improve the health and wellness of our community
  • Ensure MCH can meet the needs of our community by funding renovation and expansion needs

To donate online, please use the button below. You can also send a check to MCHF, P.O. Box 1493, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352. Please do not hesitate to call (909) 436-3210 with any questions.


Summit Circle Benefits

In appreciation of your generosity, MCH Foundation extends an invitation to the annual Summit Circle Donor Appreciation Event in the Spring. We also display your name in a special section on the donor wall in the Hospital’s main hallway so everyone can see our current donors.

2023 Summit Circle Donors

Aaron, Craig & Michelle
Adams, Ward & Eileen
All American Dock Pros
Anderson, Rolf & Karen
Atwood, Julie
Augat, Robert & Francie
Bachman, Tom & Mary Kay
Banner, Allison
Beeman, Bob & Gina
Bell, Russell & Glenys
Berry, Ron & Linda
Blank, Carl & Trudie
Bloom, David & Cheri
Bradley, Chris & Sonja
Brown, Dennis & Joan
Bruhjell, Gregg & Dale
C & R Newman Family Foundation
Callaci, Peggy
Camarella, Chris
Camarella, Ken & Nancy
Campanella, Joe & Anke
Chew, Danny
Chlavin, Steven & Lisa
Cibelli, Dr. Lud & Cherilyn
Colvin, Angele & David Conrad
Connor, Joseph & Carol
Cudworth, Randy & Mary
Davis, Pat & Alan Smith
Dishell, Dr. Walter & Marilyn
Duer, Gary & Chris
Dunn, Chris & Ginny
Edward Jones, Betty Marzec
Elliott, Mel & Elizabeth
Elmes, Tracy
Erselius, Robert & Ken Funk
Erwin, Lee
Ferguson, Bruce & Pam
Foellmer, Frank
Four Seasons Nursery
Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer & Dominick
Ghazal, Roland & Jacquette
Gibson, Jim & Brenda
Gilbert Acuna Plumbing
Gladwell, Bob & Diane
Green, Dr. Mike & Stephanie
Hannon, Jim & Jennifer
Harrison, Charlie & Cheryl Moxley Harrison
Health Law Partners
Hersh, Peter & Karen
Herson, Jack & Roberta
Hicks, Gary & Rachael
Higaki, Kuniko

Hill, Edwin & Lydia
Hinkley, Gerry & Allen Briskin
Hoffman, Paul & Sue
Howe, Stan & Kathy
Hoy, Barry & Jeanne
J E Fehsenfeld Family Foundation
Johnson, Bill & Michelle
Kovacs, Heather
Krenn, Leo & Kaycy
Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation
Lamers, Michael
Lanyon, Mary-Justine & Armand
Lavelle, Nancy
Malone, Bob & Nancy
Marshall III, Howard & Ilene
Mattison, Bob & Kathryn
McClay, Tom & Mike Feddersen
McCormick, Julie & Pat
McGuire, Jim & Kim
MCH Auxiliary
MCH Medical Staff
McLaughlin, John & Susan
McLeod, Carey & Beverly
McNamara, Katherine
Miller, Howard & Linda
Mitchell, Don & Jennifer
Montford, Robert “Monty”
Moore, John
Morse, Lon & Toni
Mountain Jewish Community
Mountain Storage
Muller, Mike & Margaret
Naylor, Greg & Marlena
Neff, Illona
Nerio, Nick & Terri Montgomery
O’Neill, Larry & Kathy
Oppenheim, Dr. William
Padilla, Rachel & Joe
Panacea Healthcare Solutions
Parish, Karen
Parker, Everett & Christine
Patton, Chris & Meredith
Peacock, Megan
Peña, Terry
Perkins, Neale & Patricia
Perry, Edward & Jill
Pittson, Glenn & Nancy
Plubell, Luke & Jennifer
Poarch, Gary & Diane
Polley, Lorna
Popka, Dennis & Aylene
Rados, Stephen & Stephanie

Regal Medical Group
Reisman, Midge
Rindenow, Scott & Roberta
Robinson, Barry & Cheryl
Rogers, Barbara & Gary Geske
Rojas, Ana
Rowe, Supervisor Dawn
Savich, Richard & Catherine
Schnaider, Rosanne
Schneider, Randy & Christi
Scurlock, Ken & Judy
Shareef, Dr. Tasheen
Sharobiem, Dr. Andro & Mary
Sharrow, Amy
Siggins, Peter & Veronique
Signature Building Services, Inc.
Simmons, Phil & Linda
Smart, Barry & Susan
Sol Radiology
Sparks, Susan “Sparky”
Spiel, Thomas & Candi
Stanley, Bill & Carol
Steve Clark & Associates
Stewart, Joe & Ines
Taricco, Carol
Ted Roy Charity Foundation
The Lake House
Tien, Spencer
Turner, Mark
Tymczyszyn, William & Cheryl
US Acute Care Solutions
Venturini, Peter & Jeannie
Waggener, Yvonne
Wagonhurst, Cheryl
Wahler, Rick & Denese
Walker, Teri
Wedbush, Gary & Kelly
Weil, James & Ellen
Welsh, Louis
Whetzel, Calvin & Cindy
Wilcox, Barbara
William H. Hannon Foundation
Williams, Allen & Chris
Wilson, Lynne B.
Wolen, Alan & Gloria
Wright, Patty
Ybarra, Tony & Beverly
Young, Andrew & Courtney
Zifkin, Walter & Barbara