MCH Foundation Board Welcomes its Newest Members

Lake Arrowhead, May 22, 2024 –

Mountains Community Hospital Foundation is excited to welcome three new members to its board of directors.

Paul Medawar, General Manager, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
Paul is the General Manager of the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa where he commits to cultivating a practical approach to management with a focus on controlling costs, team involvement, and guest services. His extensive hotel career spans over 33 years of hospitality and asset management. He’s also on the board of the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce. Paul is a son of immigrant parents from Egypt, and at a young age he began honing his construction skills while assisting his father in his construction business before trying his hand in the hotel business. At the age of 17, he started in the hotel business as a lobby attendant and worked his way up the ladder. Paul is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA), credentialed through the California Hotel & Lodging Association. Paul has served on other Boards including Del Sol Rotary, Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater ABA Innkeepers Association. A native of Southern California, Paul is new to the Lake Arrowhead community where he is getting more involved in our business community. His guiding principle is “never let good enough be good enough.” Paul and his wife of 23 years have an 18-year-old daughter and two dogs, and he is an avid sports junkie and die-hard Dodgers fan.

“I wanted to join the Mountains Community Hospital Foundation Board because I sincerely want to make a difference in our community.  The only way to accomplish this is to become part of it.  The hospital and its foundation are an integral part of the fabric of our community.”

Amy Doutt, Real Estate Agent, ReMax

Amy Doutt grew up on Catalina Island and spent her childhood enjoying the family cabin in Running Springs. When she started raising her two daughters, she moved to the mountain full time and has been here for 22 years now. She is a graduate of CSUSB with an English Linguistics degree. She additionally holds a real estate license and enjoys selling mountain homes in her spare time. Amy has volunteered with the local schools, Meals on Wheels, and the Recreation and Park District. She is an active hiker, snow shoer and paddle boarder, enjoying all the seasons on our beautiful mountain. Amy resides in Running Springs with her two doggies. Her two daughters live in Cedar Glen and Denver. Amy is also the daughter of long time mountain residents, Ronald and Barbara Doutt. She looks forward to continuing her parents’ legacy of service to MCH.

“I’ve had a lot of interaction with the hospital on occasions when I personally needed them and when members of my family needed them. I support the hospital with my charitable giving dollars and decided to support with my time too. I’m honored to begin my service on the Foundation Board!”

Lynne Wilson, Lynne B. Wilson & Associates, Inc.
Lynne is a respected figure in the mountain community, with over three decades of experience in real estate. She founded her own company in 1980 while serving as Vice President at Celebrity Properties in Beverly Hills. Since 1991, she’s focused on serving the Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities. As a seasoned Real Estate Broker, Lynne has received numerous accolades for her achievements. Despite her busy schedule, she remains active in both mountain transactions and the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills Board of Realtors. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lynne is deeply involved in local initiatives, supporting events like the Lake Arrowhead Rotary PolaRotary Plunge and the Blue Jay Jazz Festival. She’s also affiliated with the UCLA Conference Center and Chamber of Commerce, serving as a board member for the Rim of the World Association of Realtors.

“It wasn’t until one day that I wasn’t feeling well, in fact, barely well enough to cart myself to the emergency room of Mountains Community Hospital, where I was immediately treated by the expert team led by Dr. Baird who diagnosed a major gallbladder issue and wanted to make sure that I received immediate expert care. He knew exactly what to do and I was shipped down to a specialist and now I am gallbladder-less and feeling great. After that experience, I thought – what if there was no hospital up here? One doesn’t think of such things until one needs help. Something to think about indeed when living here on the mountain. I am proud to be a part of Mountains Community Hospital Foundation. Please remember when you donate to worthy organizations that there can be no better gift than to our wonderful Mountains Community Hospital.”

Everyone who joins the Foundation’s board is passionate about the hospital and is deeply committed to making it a better place. The rest of the Foundation board members are as follows:

Executive Committee:

Peter Venturini, President
George Medak, Past President
Mark Turner, MCH CEO
Yvonne Waggener, Treasurer
Kim McGuire, Secretary, Director
Ward Adams
Bob Beeman
Bob Malone
Rob Roy

Board Members:

Tom Bachman
Dennis Brown
Pat Davis
Amy Doutt
Charlie Harrison
Jack Herson
Leslie Marks
Norton Marks
Bob Mattison
Paul Medawar
Howard Miller
Don Mitchell
Greg Naylor
Neale Perkins
Dennis Popka
Midge Reisman
Barry Robinson
Cheryl Robinson
Susan “Sparky” Sparks
Ines Stewart
Ronalyn Walker
Lynne Wilson
Gloria Wolen

Since 1991, the MCH Foundation has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars to support Mountains Community Hospital in meeting the evolving needs of healthcare. Today, as patient volume reaches record highs and expenses surge by over 50% in the last decade, donations are more crucial than ever.

MCH depends on the generosity of donors to implement improvements that surpass what patient revenue alone can achieve. This support is not just beneficial but vital to the hospital’s health, especially in a landscape where many rural hospitals are scaling back or even closing entirely, leaving remote populations stranded without nearby medical care.

Thanks to the generosity of community members and charitable foundations, MCH not only survives but thrives, continually enhancing services for those who rely on it. Over the next six years, the hospital plans to:

  • Build a new acute care wing to meet the California state seismic deadline by 2030
  • Expand parking
  • Establish an education center for the community and staff
  • Increase the size of the Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of both exterior and interior spaces to improve the patient experience and meet regulatory standards.

Construction on the new acute care wing is slated to commence in 2026. For further details on these projects, please reach out to Kim McGuire at (909) 436-3263 or visit If you’re interested in joining a dedicated group of individuals making an impact on community healthcare, please contact Foundation Board President Peter Venturini at

Once again, this year’s emcee is Lake Arrowhead local Robbin Nordsten. Both a live performer and studio singer, Robbin has been an active member of the music industry for 40 years. Whether performing live in and around Los Angeles, entertaining at the MGM Grand Hotel, working in-studio with various recording artists, doing voiceovers for commercials, or developing her signature Snuggle Bear voice, Robbin enjoys it all. While amid her entertainment career, Robbin got her M.A. in Education. A motivational speaker for teens, laughingly, she states, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s theater, live performances, or talking to teens…the need is the same. Bring enthusiasm, your talent, see your audience, and read the room.”

The only other person we know who can match Robbin’s enthusiasm is Suzanne Cios Krainock, M.S., BAS, CAI. This will be Suzanne’s third time as our auctioneer, and she helped us raise more money than ever! She is CEO and Founder of Inspired Benefit Auctions and is one of the most sought-after auctioneers in the country. Suzanne has a wealth of experience in nonprofit fundraising as she was the Chief Development Officer for a national nonprofit organization for several years. Suzanne also spent time as an actress and several years in theater. The best part – she is a Running Springs local!

If you have any questions, please email Kim McGuire at We hope to see you on the field!