September Is Healthy Aging Month

We are all living longer lives. One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy in the United States was 35-40 years.  Today that average has jumped to 76 years for men and 81 years for women.  Now that we are living twice as long, what is the quality of those lives, and how can we age well?  We all want the community we live in to promote health and well-being, and use health services and community programs to achieve these goals.

Cynthia Altmeyer, Director of our SNF facility, shares “With our Skilled Nursing Facility being only 20 beds, every resident receives personalized care specific to his/her needs. Our highly qualified nursing staff understands the importance of quality of life and continually strives to enable every resident to reach their full potential. We encourage our residents and their family members to be involved in their care; to help maintain independence and dignity during this time of their life. We inspire them to participate in tasks that are suitable to their capabilities. We stand by our commitment of providing comfort, compassion, and insuring a home-like environment for every resident.”

In addition, Mountains Community Hospital (MCH) provides programs, through our Education Department, that are designed to promote awareness of how to live healthy.  The schedule of these classes can be located on our website, under the calendar, or by calling our Education Director, Bill, at (909) 436-3006. Bill adds, “As part of our mission at Mountains Community Hospital, we make it possible to provide essential quality medical services to the residents and visitors of the local mountains. Some essential medical services may include education we offer to our community, such as CPR awareness and training, first aid, and other medical related topics. We pride ourselves in providing vital health related resources, for our residents and visitors in the community, to promote their well-being.”

In addition to our facility, there are organizations within our community that offer support to seniors, who don’t require full time medical care.  These include the Mountain Communities Senior Center in Twin Peaks, as well as the Crest Forest Senior Citizens Club, Inc. in Crestline.  There are opportunities in our community to participate in pool exercise classes, yoga, and walking groups.  Our local Chamber of Commerce can provide additional information to our community members.

Things that seniors can do on their own to maximize their quality of life, include the following:

  • Live an active life. Regular exercise is one of the greatest keys to physical and mental wellbeing

  • Eat healthy foods

  • Challenge your brain by reading, and doing crossword puzzles or word games

  • Cultivate relationships

  • Get enough sleep

  • Reduce stress

  • Make sure your home is safe and hazard-free

  • Take charge of personal health

  • Make community connections by building a support network

  • Install a home medical alert system

  • Complete an Advance Care Directive (assistance is available through our Social Services Manager, Gloria Fernandez, at (909) 436-3015)

Whatever you do, it is important to stay in the game.  Don’t isolate yourself.  Engage in activities that keep you moving, cause you to interact with others, stimulate your mind and keep your body functioning as well as possible.  Most of all, take time to enjoy the environment we live in!