MCH Saves Michael Winn’s Life

Loma Linda Hospital Calls It a Miracle

When Michael and Fariel Winn bought their vacation home in Lake Arrowhead over a year and a half ago, little did they know that the local rural hospital, Mountains Community Hospital (MCH), would save Michael’s life.

Born and raised in San Diego, Michael Winn is a pro golfer and has been a PGA member for 38 years. He is also a golf course owner and consultant, and Magic Castle member/magician. In fact, he just added Arrowhead Country Club in San Bernardino to his golf course portfolio of many.

Michael’s wife, Fariel, is from Trinidad & Tobago. She has been an RN for the past 27 years and knows hospitals and great customer service. In 2019 Fariel was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Friends of theirs had a house in Lake Arrowhead and she would come up to get away. They soon fell in love with Lake Arrowhead.

On June 9th, Michael Winn was playing pool at his Lake Arrowhead house and talking to his business partner on the phone. “While on the phone I felt like I was carrying someone on my shoulders. No pain in my chest or down my left arm. Some shortness of breath, but it felt like I was having a panic attack due to trying to close a business deal,” said Winn. “I felt like I just needed to lay down. I went to bed and all night felt like I needed to be checked out. In the morning Fariel took me to MCH emergency to be looked at.”

The nurses rushed him in and right away Dr. Adili hooked him up to the EKG and called for the air ambulance immediately to have him air transferred to Loma Linda.
“I had a 99% clogged artery and what Dr. Adili and the nurses did saved my life. I owe everything to the staff at Mountains Community Hospital. Now I can continue as a PGA Golf Professional and the owner of Arrowhead Country Club.”

Renee Limpus, RN took down all of the important medical information about Michael Winn. “Mike has Stage IV kidney and lung cancer so it was critical that she get everything right. She also ensured that everything was accurately relayed to the hospital where Mike was being flown to,” Fariel Winn explained.

According to Kim McGuire, Director of Community Development, the staff immediately administered an EKG and the results of the test showed that Mike was having a STEMI – the most severe type of heart attack. As arrangements were being made for Michael Winn to be air lifted to Loma Linda, Dr. Adili administered nitroglycerin to help the blood vessels dilate so there was enough of an opening to allow blood to flow to his heart and keep him alive for the helicopter flight to Loma Linda.

“The hospital staff are my heroes,” said Fariel Winn. “I’m absolutely impressed. We want to recognize everyone for their professionalism and the urgency they took to save his life.”

According to Fariel, Dr. Adili at MCH saved Michael’s life, and the physicians at Loma Linda called it a miracle. “MCH made all the right decisions from the beginning to the end.” said Fariel. “It was old-fashioned customer service and professionalism that was beyond perfect. Everyone involved should be commended.”

McGuire shared that the hospital staff who were involved in taking care of Michael Winn that day included Dr. Adili-Khams, Renee Limpus, RN, Rebecca Bailey and Ashley Davis-Smith, Patient Access Representatives, along with Cyndy Davidson-Bennett, Patient Access Manager.

To support the local community, the Winns donated seven rounds of golf packages, foursomes and twosomes, to the Ted Roy Foundation’s Mile High Charity Golf Classic fund raising event/auction held last Friday at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club. In addition, they also donated a live auction item, Dinner and Tour for 4 at the Magic Castle.

Anyone interested in making a donation to Mountains Community Hospital, please contact Kim McGuire, Director of Community Development at
(909) 436-3263.