Le Grand Picnic is Canceled but the Fundraising Must Go On…

Mountains Community Foundation is pleased to relaunch their quarterly newsletter, From the Heart. Mountains Community Foundation will continue publishing the COVID-19 update every other week, so stay tuned for the next update on July 24th. As the community continues to see an increase of Covid-19 infections, it is crucial, as a community to continue to practice social distancing, hand washing and to wear a face covering.

MCH’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Le Grand Picnic, was scheduled for this Sunday. However, due to COVID-19, the picnic had to be added to the long list of cancellations. MCH truly appreciates your continued support and dedication to this critical fundraising event.

Mountain’s Community Hospital’s problem is simple: 75% of the patients depend on Medicare and Medi-Cal and these insurers do not reimburse the hospital for all of the costs. MCH relies heavily on the parcel tax to help cover the operating expenses and on community donations to help keep the facilities and equipment up to date.
MCH’s response to COVID-19 made residents feel comforted, protected, and safe. It is unimaginable to live here without a hospital close by. Here is what a recent patient had to say:

“When I was admitted to Mountains Community Hospital with COVID-19 symptoms, I was treated like a human, not a disease – or a statistic. In one of the most worrying times of my life, the doctors, nurses, and other staff made me feel very comfortable, physically and emotionally, and it is clear their priority is patient care. Shortly after my ER visit, I tested positive for COVID-19 and was promptly admitted to the acute care wing, which was also exemplary – I recovered within a week. Having Mountains Community Hospital here gives my family and me the peace of mind that if we ever need emergency care again, that we can get the treatment we need, when we need it.”

Please, take a moment to reflect on what having a hospital in this community means to you, especially now. Please donate today! Your generosity will save lives and provide peace of mind to all residents and visitors. You can learn more about the impact donations have had on the hospital by reading our 2019 Community Benefit Report. Everyone who donates $500 will be invited to next year’s Summit Circle Donor Appreciation Event.