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It is Creeping Up!!!

CREEPING UP!!! My Dad died of Alzheimers at age 99 ½. He took no medications throughout his life. My Mom is almost 93 and takes no medications. My parents are from the generation of lard, lots of bacon and red meat! They also slathered butter and sour cream on everything. In 2103, my doctor told […]


Munching at the Le Grand Picnic!

You’ll see just about everyone you know at the Le Grand Picnic! It is the annual fun event beginning at 2 pm, Sunday, July 26th in the Rose Garden of Mountains Community Hospital! Fourteen local restaurants are bringing their specialties for your tasting!! The participating restaurants include: Bill’s Villager, Chef Cindy’s Café, Castaways San Bernardino, […]

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There are a variety of events for a healthier you, both at Mountains Community Hospital and in the surrounding Lake Arrowhead community. Why not join us?