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What Happened To Lorey?

WHAT HAPPENED TO LOREY? Did you have a really special friend in high school? I had Lorey. Our junior year we snuck out of her house one night and drove to the Barrington gas station where the “guys” were hanging out! How daring! We double dated, attended slumber parties, tried every type of hair style […]


Saved Again!

There I was on Monday afternoon in Mountains Community Hospital ER again! Not for me, but with my husband Alan. He had been experiencing Atrial Fibrillation for three days and he was feeling miserable and dizzy. His pacemaker is set at 60 beats per minute, but suddenly his heart beats were racing along at 145 […]

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There are a variety of events for a healthier you, both at Mountains Community Hospital and in the surrounding Lake Arrowhead community. Why not join us?