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New Comfy Beds!

THE BED WAS NOT COMFY!   Yesterday my daughter-in-law, Kelsey, flew into LAX from Sydney, Australia. She came home a few days before my son, Andy, to get ready for Christmas. Within twenty-four hours, she was in a Thousand Oaks hospital having surgery for appendicitis. When I called her at the hospital this morning, the […]


Your Prescription News

Your Prescription News! One memory I have of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath (besides the poor pets left on porches or swimming in the water), are the thousands of people who not only lost their medications, but didn’t have a clue what medications they were taking.  While this might be an inconvenience for some people, it […]

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There are a variety of events for a healthier you, both at Mountains Community Hospital and in the surrounding Lake Arrowhead community. Why not join us?