Of The Year

Outstanding Volunteers

Each year, the Auxiliary honors one member whose collective contributions are noted as outstanding and valuable to the ongoing mission of the MCH Auxiliary.

2018 Volunteer Of The Year

Allene DuFour is an artist, an innovator and a photographer. Lucky for us, volunteerism is a natural part of her life. She participates in everything Auxiliary – from bake sales to Christmas tree decorating to working in the front office. She’s held the positions of Recording Secretary and Past President and most recently, she served as Parliamentarian. She continues as the Auxiliary’s historian, documenting their events through photographs. The Auxiliary and the hospital have benefited from her wide range of interests and talents and we are so lucky to have her in our community!

Past Honorees

2018 – Allene DuFour
2017 – Christi Schneider
2016 – Laurie Plemel
2015 – Armena Reese
2014 – Rocky Pollitz
2013 – Gene Johnson
2012 – Gloria Wolf

2011 – Liz Montes
2010 – Mary Carreiro
2009 – Eliot Josephson
2008 – Alice Thurmond
2007 – Helen Quinn
2006 – Lynn McDougal
2005 – Nancy Vogel

2004 Monica Vitti
2003 Gillian Wallace
2002 – Irene Wirtenberger
2001June Kraynal
2000Bunny Longthorne
1999 – Dodie Kirk