Did you know we have a Doll Doctor and a staff of Boo Bear creators among our energetic Auxiliary membership?

Quite regularly, dolls are popular items that find their way to the Blue Jay Thrift Shop.  One of our Mountains Community Hospital Auxiliary members has begun a side business to collect these donated dolls, many of which are in very poor condition.  Pat Jongerius shares “I keep a watchful eye out for every doll that comes into the shop.  I scoop them up and bring them home, where I put them through the washing machine for a thorough cleaning. Then I begin the process to comb and style their hair, add decorative bows where needed, and press their clothing.  When they are all ‘dolled up’, I return them to the thrift store, where they are priced and ready for sale!”

Money from the doll sales goes to the thrift store.  However, the hours involved in getting the dolls ready for sale goes to the Mountains Community Hospital Auxiliary.  Pat is one of several Auxiliary ladies, who donate many hours to the thrift shop.  These hours are tabulated from all the working shifts during each week.  The total number of hours donated by these hard-working ladies, converts to approximately $30,000 annually!  This sum goes directly to the Auxiliary, and ultimately to Mountains Community Hospital.

The Blue Jay Thrift Store is a major contributor to at least ten non-profit charities on our mountain, each of which is dependent upon donations from the public.  The Blue Jay Thrift Store is located next to Jensen’s Finest Foods on Highway 189. The store is open to receive donated items Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.  They can be reached at (909) 337-9983.

Another endeavor undertaken by the members of the Auxiliary is the Boo Bear project.  Several of our volunteers have been creating these huggable stuffed animals for over 20 years.  Volunteers first met in homes, until storage for the fabrics and supplies needed more space.  At that time, they moved the project to a spare room in Dr. Elwood Cohen’s offices, to lay out material, cut patterns, sew and stuff bears.  The completed bears are then passed along to MCH, where they are given to every child who comes into the hospital’s emergency room.  The children can cuddle the bears during their hospital stay and keep them when they return home.

 “It is a labor of love” says longtime volunteer, Barbara Martinez.  “our group has made lasting friendships, while creating something that makes us feel good and is a comfort to a frightened child!”

The volunteers meet every Tuesday from 1-3 pm, weather permitting, in Dr. Cohen’s office, which is located on the second floor of the Medical Office Building, across the parking lot from Mountains Community Hospital.

Anyone interested in either of these projects or desires more information about the MCH Auxiliary group is encouraged to contact Auxiliary President, Christi Schneider (909) 337-6940 or membership chairperson, Pat Jongerius (909) 336-0737. The MCH Auxiliary offers a volunteer opportunity for everyone!